Before the days of the horseless carriage, before the days of football in Lockhart, Edwin Reese "Westy" Westmoreland, Sr. bought into a partnership with C.E. McDannald and Company for a Lockhart drugstore in the middle of the west  block of the square at 113 S. Main Street.


It was a fine drugstore with elaborate, well-stocked wall cases down each side and an ornate,mirrored-front prescription department. Setting the tone for his business and his success,Westmoreland coined the slogan, "We're in

business for your health."


When Westy's partner died in 1942, the store'sname was changed to Westy's Pharmacy. Soon after both of his sons became involved in the store's  operation.Westy, Jr. handled the books and Peck became a pharmacist.


Many things have changed through the years, but Westy's Pharmacy still stands with Westmorelands behind the counters ready to serve their community.Gone are the days when the pharmacist compounds "smoke stack paint" and "Potts cotton marking ink." No longer are the shelves lined with paint varnish, wallpaper, and veterinary products; nor gas and oil pumped outside. From early handwritten formulas to state of the art product information, from the old Victrola records to marching band supplies, from one man's ambition to a family heritage,


Westy's Pharmacy thrives on.

Brad & Jackie Westmoreland


Lydia Zunker


Fita Juarez

Customer Service

Terry Maldonado

Pharmacy Technician